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I'm a passionate scientist and artist living in the Litchfield Hills of Connecticut.  I spend most of my free time capturing the environmental fragility of our forests and farmland in my photography.  So much beauty hangs delicately in the balance with the pressures of development and creeping sprawl capturing these fleeting moments remains the focus of my art work.  It is my hope to showcase the battle of local environmental activism, artists, & political efforts.  I also hope to photograph the strides of activists & conservationists in our beautiful countryside.  I hope my photographic work inspires others to share their vision of conservation and that it empowers each of us to take action before it is too late.  Click here for my Data Consultant resume.

-My Art Bio-

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I’m deeply inspired by my mother, BA Wygant, and her vision of light via nontraditional oil paintings.  Her subjects are both spiritual and natural involving manifestations of energy and the fragility of our world.  Growing up with her work it has fueled my interest in abstract expressionists and supporting the work of local artists via documentary photography and art blogging. 

My photography influences include the black and white work of Graciela Iturbide.  Her ability to capture people in their environment through her photography is phenomenal.  She depicts perfectly the socioeconomic impacts of living with in the communities of her subjects.  Also the later works of Ansel Adams was ground breaking.  Also his literary work was masterful on it’s own insuring the spread of his vision across generations.  Also his coordinated work with the Sierra Club for conservation of national parks galvanizes my current community work. 


My background in the arts involves both formal training and experience in photography and writing.  My passion started as a teenager where I took an interest in Photography Club at Nonnewaug High School.  This passion followed me to Long Island University at Southampton College where I majored in Environmental Science, and took many courses in photography and writing.  During my photographic course work at LIU I studied under Yoshi Higa and several adjunct professors.  Several of whom were involved in the entertainment industry, commercial photography, and fine art curators in many of the East End’s (& Manhattan’s) museums and galleries.  

My photography course work includes:  Black And White Photography, Underwater Photography, Documentary Photography, and History Of Photography.  I also studied Tropical Marine Biology where my project focused on underwater photographic evidence of coral reef depletion in Fiji and Tonga in 1998.  I also have a passion for writing (I was published at 13), and I have taken many classes in women’s literature including Women In Contemporary Fiction, and Literature By Women.


2016 Kent Art Association President.

2015 -continued: Board Member Kent Art Association where I hang shows & collaborate with artists on exhibitions and shows. 

2014-continued: Started an international social network Unity.Gallery  

2014 –continued: Democratic Town Committee Art & Marketing Committee Chair.

2011-continued: Artwork photography for local artist BA Wygant.

2002: Freelance Photographer Colorado Springs.

1998-continued: Jewelry design & photography for my jewelry shop Lacey Pearls.

Artistic Philosophy: 

Contemporary Documentary Photography


Digital and Film Processing.  Prints on Paper, Glass and Metal


To use my photographic vision to promote local artists, activists, and environmental conservation efforts.  Through paring my photography with technical web design skills and blogging I hope to strengthen local arts, artisans, and art networks.

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