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Lots of Art Events this Weekend!

I’ve tried a few times to contribute in New Milford to the Art Commission, however it continues to be almost impossible to get in unless you have some kind of super art status or affiliation.  Whatever happened to just letting local artists get involved (lol)?  Here is my letter I recently sent in (below).  Let me know what you think.  In the mean time I’d like to take the time to mention several things that are going on locally:

Sacred Spiral wm 1920p

"Sacred Spiral” by BA Wygant

Oil Painting on Sculptural Base 60X48 inches

IMG 3331

First check out one of my Mom’s new paintings this month on www.bawygant.com - isn’t it fantastic?!  We have been really busy with Kent Art Association things this month like the Student Show, Looking For Galleries for the “Show for Shows as the Exhibition Chair & organizing for Clayton’s Workshop.  Even with all of this, she somehow finished her painting last week & now she is working on a new project So stay tuned. Also If you are interested in being a member of KAA, having us promote your work, or even if you just want to volunteer please let me know.  As KAA President I’d love to get your help, invite you to sit on the board, and join in on all the fun we are having this year in the Gallery!!

Second, If you get a free moment go down to the Harts Gallery in New Milford where there is an excellent exhibit on by a New Haven artist Mohamad Hafez from Syrian.  He has constructed sculptures depicting his experiences and his reflections on the ongoing crisis for refugees.  They are impactful and we are very lucky to have them on display in New Milford. 

And speaking of Lucky, my third art tip is to try and make it up to the Vineyard to see my friend and artist Nancy Johnston from Lucky From Kentucky Art who has an opening on Saturday where all are welcome:

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Forth, This weekend please consider attending the opening and exhibit featuring the work of the late Bill Eppridge entitled “The Beatles 6 Days That Changed the World” on Saturday rsvp to: wcsuvpac.eventbrite.com (There is also an excellent companion book at the event you can purchase).  You can hear about the works here: radio interview and find the details for the event here.  Hope to see you there!!

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Dear Mayor David Gronbach & Chairman of the New Milford DTC,

 As a thirty plus year resident of New Milford I am passionate about our town’s artists and cultural vibrancy that brings us together over such important topics as democracy, the environment, and agricultural land preservation for our town’s future.  I have many projects around conservation and the arts regionally as an art activist and advocate and I’m looking forward to doing more to foster these activities in my hometown of 35 years through the Commission of the Arts.  

 The arts are lifeblood of our community and a reflection of our society.   Through my photography skills, blogging, networking strategy, and by lending my experience as President of Kent Art Association I hope to further develop all arts, and artistic activities in New Milford.   Please find attached is my Art Bio for your review as part of this consideration.  Also for a sample of my Web building skills please visit www.bawygant.com where I have helped my mother Bette Anne Wygant a local artist of 35 years share her vision.

 I know the Commission can accomplish their goals through developing both an online and in person social network strategy between businesses and artists.  By fostering connections, appreciation for diversity of ideas and visions, and through providing a neutral venue for artists to become an active part of the commissions’ projects and shows, I know we can all achieve & enjoy a great cultural expansion in New Milford.  By strengthening existing galleries and public spaces we can ensure there are venues for local artists to take part in exhibitions and public projects.

 In showcasing the local talent that values a contemporary perspective on conservation and community unity we will add an outlet for voices in the artistic community who have been underserved in our community for too long.   Through gallery events and forums we will have the opportunity to enrich the lives of every resident in this town, our New York City based visitors, Litchfield art patrons, and beyond.  In doing so we will build a more stable art economy that will keep artists here and attract new talent to build on this culture that makes New Milford a place that feeds creativity in the young and old.

 It is for this reason that I would like to be considered for a position on the Commission for the Arts.  I look forward to collaborating and fostering all art and enrichment activities in New Milford.  I hope that by adding my photography, web editing, and social media skills to the commission I will make our activities successful and help the commission achieve their mission.   I appreciate your time and consideration, if you have any questions please contact me via (203)770-2230. 


Lacey Wallace


© Lacey Wallace 2015